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Clothing Selection Basics: Shopping Tips

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Custom Polo Shirts: The Ideal Uniform For Independent Coffee Shops

Between competition from multinational chains and customers staying at home because of the pandemic, independent coffee shops have a lot to compete against if they want to turn a profit. If you run an independent coffee shop or a small, local chain, having to spend hundreds of dollars on new employee uniforms every few months certainly won't help your bottom line.

If you are looking for a practical, cost-effective alternative to traditional employee uniforms, custom polo shirts printed with your coffee shop's name and brand can be an excellent choice. Custom polo shirts have advantages over more traditional uniforms that can benefit both your coffee shop and the employees who keep it running.

Why Choose Custom Polo Shirts For Your Independent Coffee Shop?

Easily Identifiable

In a customer-facing business, the main purpose of a staff uniform is to make your employees instantly identifiable to your customers. Custom polo shirts printed with large, high-quality branding make your employees easy to spot. If your coffee shop's logo and branding use a specific color scheme, polo shirts in matching colors will make employee identification even easier.

Smart, But Not Too Smart

Traditional barista uniforms, with collared shirts, neat ties and spotless aprons, can look very smart but also somewhat 'soulless'. Customers who visit independent coffee shops instead of more convenient national brands usually do so because they are looking for a more casual, personalized coffee drinking experience. Overly formal employee uniforms can send the wrong impression.

Custom polo shirts are an excellent compromise, providing your employees with a neat, dignified uniform that doesn't make them look too formal or quash their individuality. 

Cool And Comfortable

Traditional barista uniforms can also be hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, particularly for employees working with manual espresso machines and other hot, labor-intensive coffee-making equipment. Custom polo shirts are a much lighter and more comfortable alternative.

Polo shirts are well-ventilated and allow sweat and moisture to dry quickly, especially when made from cotton or high-quality synthetic fabrics. The relaxed fit and flexible seams of a polo shirt also provide excellent mobility, a very useful quality for waitstaff navigating between tables during peak business hours.

Durable And Low-Maintenance

Unlike crew neck shirts and button-downs, polo shirts are made by knitting fibers together rather than weaving them together. This creates a thicker, stronger and more durable final product, and a high-quality custom polo shirt will be much less vulnerable to accidental damage than a traditional button-down uniform shirt.

Polo shirts also launder extremely well, and the added thickness of the fabric prevents colours and designs from fading quickly. This means that custom polo shirts can also be an excellent long-term investment since you will not have to have them replaced as often as more fragile uniform options.

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