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Clothing Selection Basics: Shopping Tips

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4 Tips For Buying A Designer Bag

Being able to afford and purchase your first designer bag is a big deal. Being able to afford a designer bag is both a fashion and style statement. When it comes to buying a designer bag, you want to make sure you get the process right.

Tip #1: Research Brands

The first thing you are going to want to do is research the different designer brands. With designer handbags, each well-known brand is known for different styles of bags. A Hermes Birkin bag is styled differently than a Gucci bag or a Chanel bag. Just because a famous designer makes a bag doesn't mean you will like the bag.

Learn about the brand's history, the type of materials they use, and the type of designs they create. You will find that there may be a brand that you feel more of a connection with or that fits within your price range better.

Tip #2: Consider How You Can Use It

When looking at different designer brands, you need to consider how you will use the bag. Do you want to use the bag as an everyday bag that you take with you everywhere? Do you want to use the bag for special occasions? Do you want to use the bag when you are wearing leggings and a crop top, or a business suit?

Consider how you want to use the bag. This will help you choose a design that works for how you want to use it.

Tip #3: Think About the Size

Next, you are going to want to think about the size of the bag. If you usually like to carry your wallet and phone with you, you may want to get a smaller bag. If you like to carry around a bunch of stuff with you, save up until you can afford a larger bag so that you can get more usage out of it.

Tip #4: Don't Go with What is Trendy

When you purchase a designer bag, you are purchasing a bag that should last for many years. It is not a bag you will use for a few months and get rid of it.

That is why you shouldn't go with trendy or considered the must-have bag of the season; instead, focus on choosing a bag you like. Think of it as more of a long-term investment. It is more like buying a nice winter jacket you will use for years than buying a tank top you will get rid of after a few months.

When it comes to purchasing a designer bag, take your time researching and learning about different brands so you can find a brand you like, and that is within your budget. Consider how you can use the bag, think about the bag's size that works the best for your lifestyle, and choose a style of bag you like and see yourself using for the long-term. If you think you would do well to buy a hermes birkin bag, then research the best place to buy before you make the purchase.